Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Roundup

Did you know roundup has three ways of being shown? According to Wikipedia, it can be roundup, round-up, and round up. Good to know. Common usage, anyone?

Initial test broadcasts were sparse this week as the weather was prohibitive, translate as too nice to spend time in the bunker. I should be online a few times this weekend checking inputs, levels and mood spaces. First live broadcasts should commence in the next month or so.

Details on the next Session will be up shortly, we're heading back to Session #1 musicians for a drone/improv check-in. Look for an all acoustic line-up in October just to keep the requisite variety going for new sounds and emergence.

Here are some links run across during the last week. It's a world of wonders, it is.

I had no idea there were so many strange sound phenomena videos on Youtube, but one learns something new every day. Playing this will bring up dozens of others, a sonic wormhole.

Here's a recent check-in with Adam Greenfield from Lighthouse Arts.

And finally, The Terror of Positivity by Byung-Chul Han, with thoughts on the like button and other ways of relating -

More soon, thanks for checking in.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Building a mystery

After a glorious 8 mile hike first thing this morning, work continues at Fieldwire headquarters. I'll be putting together the broadcast studio over the weekend, where we'll feature live and recorded dj sets as well as live music performances. More on this as we move ahead, but tune in at this weekend as we test things out. It will be on a very pirate radio schedule, popping up and disappearing at various times of day and night. Consider it guerilla broadcasting--I'm getting back to my roots.

Here are some interesting links from today's scan.

We must risk delight, a writeup on reacting and keeping on keeping on in the midst of all the horror lately -

James Murphy making sounds/songs out of the U.S. Open -

Utlra-Red's sound-art as activism -

A Kevin Martin (The Bug) interview over on Quietus -

Q2 has a 24 hour marathon of women composers, many new and relatively unknown. I listened to quite a bit of this on Sunday and highly recommend it. There are vast worlds of new music to explore, and women composers are unfortunately highly underrepresented in attention and airplay. Let Q2 know you appreciate their work! -!/story/her-music-encore-presentation/

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Burning Man, slight return

I first went to Burning Man over 20 years ago, a 4 year run spanning 1993 to 1996. During that time, the event grew from 1500 attendees to 15,000 and the experience changed with the growth. Regardless, I enjoyed it each year and always found it worth the time and effort to get out there and engage in playa living. Since there are plenty of folks willing to tell you about how it was "back in the day" as well as how it is now, a quick internet search will get you a range of reviews. Check them out.

One thing that remains, and why I follow the live video stream each year, is the shape of the hills and the flicker of lights and movement of people across one of the most interesting landscapes I've ever encountered. The playa is one of those unique locations that would be mind-altering with no gathering, no drugs, no T.A.Z. mappings whatsoever. I totally understand the complaints people have about how various folks map their surroundings to match their affluence, their elitism, and their otherness, but the environment asks you to be different no matter what plans and motivations you bring, and a windstorm or downpour will change your perceptions pretty quickly. As will the sky at night a short hike away from the main camp.

The long history of potlatch, the openness with strangers, and an intense sense of being "in this together" do bring different modes of interaction, and though I can only imagine what things are like at this point and can't say if I'll ever be back, I admire the work the original team have done and the persistence they've shown in keeping it going. Hats off, all, and have a great time again this week.

Here's a link to the live video stream. It does shut off occasionally so you may need to update your link, but the camera quality is the best they've ever broadcast. My personal favorite times are early morning PST, 3AM to daybreak, but the flow of people and customized vehicles are great almost all day and night. The burn of the man itself is Saturday night.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Here's a recent article in the NY Times about how the tech elite are making things comfortable in super camps. During my tenure the presence of an RV was about the highest life going. And a shower? HA!!

Daily updates on what's going on here -

And here's a 7 minute playa transformation video by Roy Two Thousand.

I may do some live video accompanying web radio sets on this weekend, reprising the broadcasts I did on Black Rock Radio back in the day. I'll post notice if I do.

And that's a cigar!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday update - R.I.P. Jean Redpath & Fieldwire Mixlr Broadcasts

It's what I consider the final week of summer due to the upcoming US holiday weekend, and that means spending as much time as possible outside. Here in SoVT that should be pretty easy, as the temperatures are going to range in the mid-80's with clear skies and 50-60's at night. Throw in a swim and a couple of wood fires late and it's high style farewell to what has turned out of be a great summer.

After a flurry of posts about events and interviews, it's back to working on next steps here. I'm testing Mixlr for live broadcasting and will report back on whether this will support dj sets, interviews and live shows soon. I'll post here when something's scheduled, or you can drop in and see if we're live at

I'd like to bid farewell to Jean Redpath, the great Scottish singer who recently passed away. Here's a video of her on Pete Seeger's TV show Rainbow Quest, along with Roscoe Holcomb. Amazing to see both of them, and especially together. And check out the NYTimes obit below.

The earth continues to evolve beneath us, ready to change the surface at a moment's notice. Here are couple of links with updates, one for the Napa earthquake and one for the Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland.

Napa summary -

Bardarbunga updates -

Saturday, August 23, 2014

fieldwire June '14 select playlist

I've gotten behind on these playlists but hope to catch up in the next week of so. Here's a select playlist of new and reissued releases from June '14 featuring everything from Led Zeppelin to Hector Berlioz, and with new music from M. Geddes Gengras, Kasai Allstars, Apenhador So, and Signor Benedick the Moor. As always, selections are made on the run and represent today's mix, so artists and tracks may be added or subtracted as the weeks progress. The master list of new releases is also included for further adventures if you feel like going deep, and there are plenty of great releases missed so hit me up with suggestions.

Coming soon, July. Enjoy!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Weird scenes extended

Great Session last night, really great vibes from all around, performers, audience, hosts. May this become frequent!

Here's today's roundup of links and travels:

Thor Harris on depression:

Music for plants compiled by Peter Coffin:

Kate Bush's Sensual World:

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fieldwire Session #4 and a Commons interview

There's tons of stuff happening at Fieldwire today. First, we're hosting the Fieldwire Session #4 at the Future space in downtown Brattleboro featuring Wooly Mar, Overture, Bosse/Crespo/Kivela and Session Players. Here's the flyer:


As well, a great article talking about Fieldwire and the sessions came out in this week's Commons. You can check it out here: I'll be following up on that with more thoughts and plans for the future in upcoming posts, but this gives a good description of some of the things we have going on.

Finally, as I listen to the new Lee Gamble and realize I need to check this out with headphones, here are some reading links you can follow:

Lawrence English on trying to make something with meaning -

Art projects based on the changing weather -

 Hallucinogenic drugs and creativity -

 Acoustics for cinema -

 Chasing the wind, an interview with Julien Devaux, video collaborator with Francis Alys -,

Interesting artists and soundworkers in Limerick -

Coming soon, new images, reflections on Burning Man, and details on upcoming shows. Thanks for visiting, and check us out on Twitter, Tumblr, Soundcloud and at the mothership