Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Wrap-up 10/24/14

Interesting week here at the office, with new shows in process and lots of work accompanied by heavy rains for the last few days. This makes for very wet trails up and down the hills and a new chill in the house to get used to. Every day the heat is left off is another bunch of oil/dollars/climate change addition saved, but it does make for chill mornings.

Here's a new Fieldwire video playlist, the first in quite a while. It features new music from the Who, Sleater-Kinney, Daniel Lanois, a selection of various music from around the world, a strange BBC special with Siouxsie & The Banshees while Robert Smith of the Cure was in the group, a U.S. Maple documentary, and to round things out a recent live Merzbow set on Boiler Room. Ah, variety!

Look for a new music playlist as well as a streaming set later in the weekend, and updates on content and layout on the home site soon.

Here are a few links to peruse in all your spare time:

Iggy can't make a living - 

Clive Bell on Japan's biwa music -

A Neil Hamburger interview -

Scientists restore hearing - 

Werner Herzog on creativity and other things -

Have a great weekend and keep in touch!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pretty as you feel

Mid-week drop of this excellent reminder - you're only pretty as you feel!

What if age is just a mind set?

I Feel Pretty!

Hope your week is going well, back with more soon here.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fieldwire Session Tonight!

We're in the midst of weird, warm and rainy weather, setting the mood for another session with wet leaves, southernly winds, and hissing street sounds. If local, join us for a great night of music with Dredd Foole, Ruth Garbus, Scotty Tabachnick and Passerine.

Here's a live video of Ruth from a couple of years ago singing a song that's now on her recent EP.

Here's a brief interview with Dredd Foole:

And here's a rare solo appearance by Scotty Tabachnick at the original Festival of Endless Gratitude:

Just to keep the vibe alive, here's the Bee Gees doing a track from Odessa live in '74"

Rainy Thursday playlist:

Monday, October 13, 2014

Big week prep

The next Fieldwire Session with Dredd Foole, Ruth Garbus, Scotty Tabachnick, and Passerine takes place this week, get the details below or on the home page. Along with that, we hope to get to M. Geddes Gengras at the Flywheel in Easthampton tomorrow and Pauline Oliveros at Amherst College on Friday. Quite the week, join us at one or all!

Fieldwire Session, October 16th:

M. Geddes Gengras, October 14th:

Pauline Oliveros, October 17th:

And if you're in Northampton. MA on Thursday night instead of Brattleboro, may we recommend our friends Overture's opening at FOE:

We'll be back on the "air" this coming weekend as well, not sure of the schedule quite yet but follow on Twitter for updates.

Take me to the bridge

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Autumn Almanac

King Harvest has surely come

Longer sun angles, warm days and chilly nights, change of wardrobe, mud on the boots, the final mowing of the lawn, piles and piles of leaves and a total lunar eclipse of a "blood moon" covered by hard rains and high winds. Welcome to the season!

We're excited to be prepping for the next Fieldwire Session at the Future Space with Dredd Foole, Scotty Tabachnick, Ruth Garbus, and Passerine next week. The night is a bit of a change of pace with words, chord changes, hell maybe even a bridge or two. We're fans of just about everything here at FW, and the shows will reflect that, though since this town gets less of the weird stuff we tend to lean that way as a public service. Look for the official flyer here as soon as the graphics department gets it across the office--they've been working hard lately and deserve plenty of kudos for their fine work. THANKS!

We're working on some great shows in the next few months, as well as getting some guests in for broadcasts. The studio is working out pretty well, though my on air skills are a bit diminished after a few years off the mic and mixer. Nonetheless, look for a player on the mother site soon so you can see when we're live, as well as follow fieldwire on Twitter for live show updates.

Here are a few of our wanderings over the last couple of weeks.

Blood moon coverage -

Simon Critchley on David Bowie in the Quietus -

Eliane Radigue interview in Electronic Beats -

Bill Janovitz on Stevie Wonder's Songs In The Key of Life -

Will Oldham's Top Ten Criterion Film list -

Autumn greetings to you and keep in touch!